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19 Dec 2014


  Teaser trailer for Ataraxia from Eugène Dyson on Vimeo.     Juan enters a dreamlike dimension and encounters different incarnations of his fears and frustrations. The experience leads him to open his heart and find his true self.

18 Dec 2014

Torrens Road

    A piece composed for and performed by the Australian Film Television and Radio School Orchestra, Recorded at Trackdown studios, Sydney Australia.    

18 Dec 2014


    A selection of short and feature length films and documentaries.

18 Dec 2014


Rory Chenoweth, a graduate from the Adelaide Conservatory of Music, and the Australian Film Television and Radio School offers over 10 years experience in composing music of all genres. His musical career started with heavy metal band ‘Tidal’, who together toured nationally around Australia, playing at many music festivals, including the ‘Big Day Out’ in 2004, and wrote 2 full length albums, one of which “Impulsive Disturbance” debuted in the Aria’s monthly top 50 album charts in 2003. Throughout his career as a rock musician […]

31 Mar 2013
31 Mar 2013

Rip Drag Ruminate

              These two pieces are an example of how ‘story’ can be expressed with only sound and movement. Both pieces explore the stretching of boundaries within relationships and how breaking these boundaries can inflict pain, but also open new levels of emotional connection.